Complacency Killed The Cowards

Posted on: January 17th 2021
By: UK Liberty Party, Kevin Bruns

The old English proverb ‘curiosity killed the cat’ is a phrase widely understood and thrown around when people dare to be more inquisitive than they ought to be. Most of us will have had this phrase positioned at us when digging too deeply into inconvenient facts or dissenting from allowable opinion. Well, in 2020, and carrying into 2021, I think the opposite can said to be true. A more accurate revision of this proverb, more befitting to the past year of covid authoritarianism, is: ‘complacency killed the cowards’.

The end of January marks the one -year anniversary of covid restrictions and the end of March will mark the one-year anniversary of lockdowns and ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’. Not only is there no sign of this assault on liberty easing, but there are instead signs of it somehow becoming more restrictive and more oppressive. The prospect of further restrictions comes as a shock to many. How could we lockdown for ten months to ‘flatten the curve’ or ‘control the spread’ and be in a worse position than where we started? However, for those of us who understand the state’s lust for power and its reluctance, or sheer unwillingness, to return power once granted, this comes as no surprise.

‘It is just two weeks’, ‘It is just to flatten the curve’, ‘it is just to save the NHS’, ‘it is just until the R number is below one’, ‘it is just a mask’. These year-old platitudes still echo today and have just as little meaning as they did this time last year. Yet people still buy into them. People still regurgitate them as if they really are ‘just’ what the government says they are, despite being proven time and time again that no matter how much sacrifice is made to these platitudes, there remains no end in sight.

So why on earth does the complacency remain? People simply sit back, accept oppression, and convince themselves the state will not abuse its power and will restore rights when it is ‘safe’ to do so.

In the past week alone there have been multiple instances of the police, the state’s henchmen, using powers granted to them under the Coronavirus Act 2020 to charge and arrest people participating in harmless activities that are now considered offences. In Aberdeen, Scotland a disturbing video circulated where police forced entry into a family home, against the will of the property owner and proceeded to tackle the owner and her teenage daughter to the ground. Other footage appeared from Bournemouth, England where two women were arrested by groups of officers for walking along the beach front. Additionally, another two women were charged in Derbyshire after driving to meet for a walk around a reservoir, five miles from their homes. Basic acts of living have now become criminalised under the Coronavirus Act and instances of the police aggressing on innocent individuals are becoming more frequent. But where is the outrage? People are complacent enough to think this is appropriate in light of a ‘killer virus’ or are too cowardly to speak against the covid narrative in case they are accused of killing granny.

The cowardly silence in the face of true oppression, where the state has criminalised living and deemed every individual as sick until proven healthy, is in stark contrast with the Black Lives Matter activism that swept through the UK in the summer of 2020.

Although the epicentre of BLM outrage was in the USA, almost 4000 miles from the UK, the prevalent issues were quickly imported to the UK as thousands of millennials voiced their contempt for racial injustice and police brutality. Many took to the streets to protest the ‘systemic racism’ apparently prevalent in the UK and felt justified in defacing monuments, pulling down statues and bullying the police, and others, into taking the knee to repent for their complicity in racism. ‘Blackout Tuesday’ swept across Instagram where thousands of people, predominately millennials, shared a black square to represent their stance against racial injustice. Many then went on to bombard social media with posts imbued in critical race theory that implored people to ‘educate’ themselves against their ‘white guilt’ and complicity in racism for the grave crime of being white.

The prevalence of systemic racism in the UK can be debated but that is not what is important here. What is important is the speed and the volume at which millennials jumped on the issue of racist oppression to parade their contempt for injustice and display their moral worthiness on social media. Yet, when the almost every individual in Britain, regardless of ethnicity, skin tone, sex, or any other immutable characteristic has been oppressed at the hand of the state for nearly a year, there is not a word to be heard from these moral exemplars.

Oppression from covid authoritarianism is blatant and right before our eyes. You cannot visit your friends and family or your elderly relatives who have sat lonely for months. You cannot exercise for too long outside, or too far away from your home, without the risk of a criminal charges. You cannot open your shop or run your business. If you are allowed, you must adhere to stringer covid regulations. You cannot access the healthcare functions normally available to you, that you pay for via taxation. You cannot engage in anything that provides you social cohesion or joy. You cannot do anything that makes life living and that makes your life yours.

The misery and suffering from this vicious attack on liberties is widespread and indiscriminate. From your own account, to your family, your neighbour, the small business owner down the street; all are feeling the hurt as the noose tightens in the name of covid.

Despite the evident suffering all around, people are willing to sit idly by and watch as the true oppressor, the state, revokes more and more of our liberties. The individual is crushed by the everlasting, undefined notion of ‘the common good’. Individuals are sacrificed because that is what is necessary for ‘flattening the curve’, ‘saving the NHS’, getting the ‘R number below one’ or whatever other platitude is religiously recited.

What has become evident is that people are either too naive to understand why the state having the power to lockdown individuals is so dangerous or they only care about oppression when it allows them to self-aggrandise on social media to appear ‘moral’. Whatever the reason may be, the complacency towards the largest state power grab and attack on liberty that we will likely experience in our life needs to end.

The time for individuals to vehemently rally against this mass oppression is well overdue. Whether you refuse to do it because you think things will just get better on their own or because it is not a trendy talking point like other activism; you are acting like a coward. Your complacency in the face of the largest state power grab you will likely ever witness is walking you headfirst into authoritarianism from which your individual rights may never return. Every time you recite the covid narrative for fear of going against the grain, every time you reluctantly nod in agreement that we need lockdowns, every time you obediently put on that mask because the government fooled you into thinking it works, every time you capitulate to what you know to be wrong, you add another cog to the covid oppression machine.

The complacency is already killing you. Can you honestly say that you are living right now? That living is just ‘avoiding death’? That your life will be returned without a fight? Your complacency is a nod in agreement that the government has a claim on your life whenever there is a ‘crisis’. Your complacency is the admittance that your right to life is conditional on the prevalence of covid, hospitalisation rate or frequency of death. Your complacency is acceptance that your life is fodder to be sacrificed to the ‘common good’. Your complacency must end if you want your life back. Brutes who make claim on your life do not have the moral high ground. Your life if yours and you have every right to it. End the complacency and claim what you know is yours.

“There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil. The man who is wrong still retains some respect for truth, if only by accepting the responsibility of choice. But the man in the middle is the knave who blanks out the truth in order to pretend that no choice or values exist, who is willing to sit out the course of any battle, willing to cash in on the blood of the innocent or to crawl on his belly to the guilty, who dispenses justice by condemning both the robber and the robbed to jail, who solves conflicts by ordering the thinker and the fool to meet each other halfway. In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit. In that transfusion of blood which drains the good to feed the evil, the compromise is the transmitting rubber tube.” – Ayn Rand

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The views expressed represent those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of UK Liberty Party. UK Liberty Party sometimes publishes articles we may disagree with because we think the article provides information, or a contrasting point of view, that may be of value to our readers.


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Our Philosophy

We are the only UK party that consistently holds that your Rights are inalienable. We will not accept any violation of your Rights.

We do however have a very different perspective as to what Rights are. Unlike those that claim Rights simply exist or are God given, we take the approach of first asking "What makes you human?"

The answer to that is the basis from which the moral principle of Rights is derived. That is; your mind. You are not born with any innate knowledge. You do not instinctively know how to grow food or hunt, how to make clothes or build a house. Everything that you do begins with your mind. Your mind is your tool for living.

To be able to use your mind you have to be free to think, to reason, to choose, to act. The only way to prevent you from doing this, and thus to stop you living, is force (incl. coercion) from others. Rights are the moral principle of freeing you from force by others.

Of course, this alone cannot stop those that choose to initiate force against you. Some people will do bad things.

This is where the political recognition & protection of your Rights comes in to play. A political system simply says that a society will not tolerate someone violating your Rights and that those that do will face punishment under the Law. This is freedom.

You can live your life knowing that those around you understand the consequences of violating your Rights. Your interactions with others are peaceful and voluntary.

Being able to take the neccessary actions to fulfil your life by exercising your freedom, guaranteed by your Rights, is true Liberty.


Most people recognise that private schools are cognitively superior to government schools but, taxed to support government institutions, are unable to pay twice for their children's education. With the abolition of the government schools must come the repeal of the income and property taxes that finance them, making it possible for millions of parents to now afford quality private education.

By taking schooling out of the government's hands and placing it where it belongs — in the hands of parents — we respect the right of individuals to choose the school they want for themselves and their children, we definitively terminate governmental initiation of force in the educational field, contributing to freedom of the mind, and we vastly improve the educational levels in this country. A free market of education will deliver superlative levels of literacy in this nation.

Moreover, a marketplace fully open to competition, teems with diverse options; for example, the restaurant industry offers a wide array of choices — from dozens of popular fast food chains to diners, sandwich shops, family restaurants, ethnic restaurants, and all variations up to and including establishments offering five star cuisine. (And supermarkets are a cornucopia of diverse foodstuffs to be purchased and prepared at home.) Similarly, when the monolithic government school system is abolished and education is privatised, a vast array of options will emerge to meet parental demand: More children will be home-schooled; tutors will offer academic services in a wealth of subjects; teachers will open tiny individualised schools; education corporations will be founded and open large-scale school systems across the country; and on-line education will proliferate.


The provision of universal medical care has become prodigiously more and more expensive. At the same time, not coincidentally, we recognise that the United Kingdom is not a free market system, it is, and has long been, a mixed economy — an unstable amalgam of capitalism and socialism, of freedom and government controls, of individual rights and statism.

We maintain that a National Health Service, backed and enabled by government intervention in the health care field, has immensely boosted demand for medical services without generating a corresponding increase in supply. The market feedback mechanism of supply and demand is broken and thus costs of provision precipitously escalate.

A free medical marketplace will enable the next wave of bio-medical advances, including ever more effective pharmaceuticals, pioneering surgical techniques, disease-detecting technology, as well as other life-saving developments.

We support a gradual but full phasing out of National Insurance and the National Health Service, over a period of several years, giving responsible individuals sufficient time to make alternative arrangements to pay medical costs, and for private medical charity organisations to form.


The earth is roughly 4.65 billion years old, possessing therefore a vast history in which climate change occurs naturally and ceaselessly. For example, millions of years ago, long before human beings existed, much less industrialised, huge naturally - driven temperature swings — significantly larger than the 1.5 degree Fahrenheit rise of the past 150 years — caused the onset and, in time, the cessation of ice ages.

We recognise that the best opportunity for human life to flourish during such periods is provided by electric power, indoor heat, thermal clothing, advances in medical science, air conditioning, sun screen, and the like — all products of applied science, technology, and industrialisation. Whether or not human industrial activity contributed to the slight warming of the past 150 years, two truths are certain: This mild warming, despite decades of alarmism, poses no immediate catastrophic threat to human life — and government's restricting of the economic activity required to attain flourishing life across all climates, is the exact opposite of a proper course of action.

The human environment is kept clean and safe primarily by advances in science, technology, and industrialisation. For example: development of steel and concrete enables construction of reservoirs, water mains, indoor plumbing, and sewer mains that keep sewage out of the drinking water; advanced technology enables men to drain swamps that are breeding grounds for malaria - carrying mosquitoes; heating and central air conditioning permit human beings to live comfortably in extreme climate conditions, without breathing smoke from indoor fires; and so forth.

Eliminating all subsidies to both fossil fuel companies and "alternative" or "green/renewable" energy companies, and a definitive end to government incentives/penalties for energy producers will encourage free thinking entrepreneurs to develop and cultivate earth's resources in service of human life.


Centuries of free(ish) markets and statism demonstrate two practical conclusions: When the individual's rights are protected to freely engage in production and trade, immense advances result in innovations, in creation of both material and intellectual wealth, in living standards, and in human life expectancies — but when the individual's rights to voluntarily produce and trade are curtailed by government interference, when statism in any form is rampant, then progress stagnates, the creation of wealth plummets, living standards diminish, and life expectancies decline.

We therefore advocate for a strict legal separation of state and economy in the UK, just as, and for the same reason, there exists a legal separation of state and church. Just as religious belief and practice is — properly — a matter of private choice and initiative, so are men's economic choices and activities.

If business persons, like religious persons or clergy, initiate force or fraud, they should be properly prosecuted under the laws of the criminal justice system that protect individual Rights. But if they initiate neither force nor fraud, then the government must be constitutionally debarred from interfering with their activities.

It is time that the 'free' in free market actually meant something.


Back in March 2020 we were warning the British public and wider world about the dangers of our political classes' obsession and hubris with lockdowns and similar draconian measures. While the government were issuing slogans and reassurance about "2 weeks to save the NHS" and "seeing out the spring", we were predicting many months, perhaps years of stubborn policy failure, u-turns and flip-flops and, in the meanwhile, economic and social decay as a result of an obviously flawed and morally dubious policy approach. Likewise, while we were promoting sense, reason, proportion and hope, using widely available public data about the nature of the virus, governments and media conspired to conduct a deliberate campaign of fear to justify greater and lasting use of state power to curtail, abuse and violate your Rights, Freedom adnd Liberties.

The Government and Opposition in cahoots and a compliant media conspired to sacrifice the many under the arrogant delusion they could play heroes to the few; the result of this has indeed been the sacrifice of the many - many livelihoods and businesses, as well as the education, financial stability, social fabric and personal lives and happiness of millions. Despite all this, however, the government has not succeeded in solving a health crisis; rather, it has sparked one in the soaring numbers of untreated afflictions, notably cancers, cardiovascular problems and mental health. Tens or hundreds of thousands of people will die as a result of the government's policy. The government had the information to avoid this. They chose to do it anyway. To them your Rights are by permission. This must never happen again.


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