Welcome :: UK Liberty Party

Our philosophy for living informs our political principles.

We stand for reason, for individual rights, for limited Constitutional government, and for laissez-faire capitalism. We uphold human life as the value which makes all other values possible — we hold sacred the inalienable right of each individual to his or her own life, mind, and the pursuit of his or her own happiness — and we recognise that:

Man's reasoning mind is the primary instrument by means of which to promote human life.

We oppose statism, dictatorship, and religious fanaticism in any and all forms because we oppose every type of coercive control over the freedom of the human mind.

We are, consequently, the only political party in the UK consistently dedicated to the flourishing of human life on earth. Every specific policy we promote, in every field, on every issue confronting the country, is, without exception, designed with these goals in mind -

Free Minds. Free Markets. Liberty.

Our Principles

Our fundamental political approach can be simply stated:

A human life is an integrated whole — of personal morality and economic activity, education and career, love and finances, mind and body. Because of this, we recognise that dividing issues into neat categories of economics or personal morality or self-defence is — at best — inexact. Nevertheless, although any important policy will necessarily impact all aspects of human life, a specific policy may most affect one area more than others.

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